d0odicLe-lj.com (d0odicle) wrote in palacefreaks,

Well, now...

Well, if this isn't a surprise...

Someone left a comment on my journal *cough* Cass *cough* and I had wondered how they had found me. Well, come to find out, I looked at their userinfo, and I found this. :)

Well, let's just say, I have a long history of palace. I've been logging onto many palaces, since I was in 3rd grade. Hah, a 9 yr old USING palace. What a freak. :P I'm now 15, and I still log on occassionally. [Yeah, 6 years of palace.]

Hah, if any of you here used to go to Mount Olympus, I used to be a wiz there. My name was Kozmo. :P Yeah, and I used a fake pic and everything to get hired. Don't know how I managed that one.

I was also known for hacking random palaces, but, ehn, I've gotten out of that habit. [Yeah, Cass can testify to that one. ;P]

Oh, does anyone want to hear a funny palace story? I was sitting on the palace, back in the day when I was really addicted, and my girlfriend was breaking up with me, and I didn't even know that we broke up until the next day. lol. Yeah, pathetic, I know. :P

Yeah, so every now and then I'm on palace, but you usually can find me at Balamb Garden It's sorta an Anime palace, but ehn, I don't watch anime, I just have a lot of great friends there. Plus, it's more or less based upon the game, Final Fantasy.

Well, I think that's done for my first post. :P
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