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This community is deaaad. -pokes it-

In an attempt to revive it, if not temporarily, I can't think of anything other to do than post screenshots. ...From sometime in June >_< One in Avatar Palace and tons in Balamb Garden, woo.

Random people in avatars that look like dancing Raidens. Mm.

kohdee proclaiming his status as the almighty Rikku.

naturellebella as Emeralda and myself as Beatrix shouting our victory cries after defeating kohdee and Crystal (Owie) in battle.

Down go kohdee, playing as Fei, and Crystal (Owie), playing as Vincent after naturellebella kicked their asses once again.

naturellebella and I pretending to be gangster. -nods-

kohdee, naturellebella and I showing our eternal mog and/or Crystal (Owie) love. Oh, Final Fantasy how awesome you are.

To this day, kohdee nor I can remember what naturellebella was referring to. She can't remember either, so it's been left to our imaginations. Yikes.

Crystal (Owie) voicing her notorious war cry, kohdee trying to lower my mog loving spirits, and me attacking the mog. I DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT. naturellebella told me to. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. XD

Ah, I'm a mog killer. It looked cute dead, though. -cough cough-

I may have killed a mog, but kohdee killed naturellebella :(

Crystal (Owie) as Starky. That's how "Starky style" eventually came about. -nods-

Crystal (Owie) would do naturellebella. kohdee said it originally, but it was just SO much more screen cap worthy when Crystal repeated it.

kohdee, playing as Lulu, and myself, playing as Mog make a good team. Unfortunately, with naturellebella generally playing Emeralda, it takes about half an hour to kill one half of the Crystal (Owie)/naturellebella team.

kohdee, playing Robo, and myself playing Rikku getting our asses kicked by Crystal (Owie) and naturellebella. Again.

It's the girls versus the boys! kohdee playing as Frog, kevinprime playing as Cecil, Crystal (Owie) playing as Starky, myself playing as Beatrix, and naturellebella playing as Emeralda.

5 versus 5 with a few random people, including Crystal (Owie), naturellebella and I.

-gasp- naturellebella is standing on Squally's head! What'll she do next?

She'll steal the parking sign, of course!

Sadly, those are all of the caps I could find that were actually worth including.

/attempt to revive community for the day
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