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101 reasons the palace is cool?

Hey there everyone (except grandma)!

I was addicted to the palace for like 5/6 years, but then I had a long-ass absence & lost all my friends (woe is me, damnit). Anywhore, I came back, & the only place I can really find is the mansion, so can anyone give me any good ports (or whatever... palaces) to connect to, where I might once again find funky pie-loving people to be friends with? I sort of don't fit in anywhere right now (I've become disillusioned entering rooms full of people mid-way through conversations about punk bands I've never heard of).

So, if you see me around my name is likely to be wonka (or some such variation thingie... probably something to do with it anyway).
& say hi, so I feel like someone loves me enough to cook me french toast or something.

So... that was too long & probably won't be read by anyone but my french poodle (no I don't really have a french poodle, but a man can dream).

& I love you all (except grandma)!
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Balamb Garden - ; there are alot of cool people to hang out with there, and they absorb people into the group very quickly. Although, there is the occasional crack case around there. It's also a bonus if you like anime; but you don't have to.

Avatar Palace - ; the Take AV rooms and Chat Zones are pretty much always packed with people. There are a few more crack cases around there, though. And if you can't stand preps, that may not be a safe bet. Although, the Chat Zones are always packed with the 'cliques'. ; some interesting people around there. If you're more punk/goth, I'd reccomend that palace. Everyone is pretty nice around there as well.

Good luck with finding a good palace =) Feel free to come hang out with me if you see me on; my username is .•°•.¢ª§§ªNd®ª.•°•., and I'm usually hanging around with SeXxI KaYy, KEVIN PRIME, d 0o d i c L e or Kohdee =)
awww thanks, that was really helpful.
i'll be sure to check out all those places soon, & hopefully find some people.if i se you around i'll say hi.
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Not sure if you ever used to go to MO back in the day, but that has also returned this summer with it's original address:

Also welcome back, I took a two year leave of absence myself and found with the closing of MO most of my friends had wandered to Avatar Palace.