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Hey, I'm Oddrey AKA d®ëåd Þï®å±ë £øvëgøød, and I'm a born-again Palace user. :D I used to be on a lot about 4 years ago under Corvus or Corvuschan, and I hung out in the Pit on the Mansion, but I got a new computer and couldn't transfer the files, and I couldn't find anywhere to download the viewer again. :\ And it appears a lot has changed in 4 years - my old stomping ground is always empty and the minis have been replaced by silents. I really need to find a new hangout!

Anyway, a quick question if anyone knows - if I got the .prp file from my old computer onto a disk, would I be able to put it on the computer I have now and use it? And if I could, would I lose the props I have now? I had some props I really liked, and I kinda want to use them again...

Yeah, so say hi or something if you see me. :)
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